Entrepreneurs are confident in their abilities. Over confidence can lead to bad results. You have a specialized team for your business operations. Do you have a specialized team to assist with you concluding your current business? Practicing the alternative perspectives of subjectivity and objectivity can increase one’s understanding of the multiplicity of relative truths. You have inner and outer teams to compare perspectives for greater clarity and deeper understanding.

Certainty of knowledge is frequently position related. Change positions and one can see a new truth, not realized from other positions. Insights realized in one team can be applied in other contexts. Thus, we build, refine and maintain our varied team(s).

This is why business leaders depend upon advice on finances and the law, for example. It’s why the ambitious are curious about performance and systems. To whom can you turn for intelligent business conversation? A robust team of external advisors can introduce you to new ideas before you risk being the last in your industry to know about competitive dynamics and innovative trends.

YouTube, blogs and books keep us connected across the country and globe, but who can you sit with to gain direct insights? Yes, technology allows us to isolate for focus, but life in dynamic business communities offers other advantages. Over the years, experts have been vetted for assisting business leaders in their preparation for succession and exit.


Dan Marsh

Dan Marsh, Marsh Higgins Beatty and Hatch PC, has practiced law since 1962 and has served 16 years in the Washington state house and senate. He continues to practice because he loves the engagement of serving clients. Transferring business assets to you and from you to heirs is his specialty.






Jeff Mays

Jeff Mays, Mays Insurance Agency, understands risk and the protection of assets. He has a variety of tools to smooth the sometimes bumpy road of depending upon staff and good fortune. What gambles are you not willing to take?

In our experience, some owners sell their business without proper representation and suffer the consequences, i.e. getting full cash price but not planning for taxes in advance, then having to pay more than 50% to the IRS. Or how about the case where a key employee in a business about to be transferred threatens to disrupt the sale if not compensated to remain with the venture. John E. Anderson, Be Cause Business Resources, Inc., has a broad team available to answer your questions. On Tuesday, April 21st from 3 to 4 p.m. Dan, Jeff and John are offering a free educational event with brief talks. Come with your question and they will be answered. Put that date on your calendar to reserve a seat at Jeff’s office, 3414 NE 52nd Street, Vancouver, WA.