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Our Commitment to Communities – We Stand for a Fair & Just Society: Be Cause Business Resources, Inc. stands for equal, non-discriminatory treatment and #BlackLivesMatter. We choose to live in a fair and just society. We declare it. We demand it. We end the pledge of allegiance “with liberty and justice for all.” Nothing more really needs to be said…. 

We will not tolerate racism, bigotry and hatred. We will identify it, measure it and if the opportunity arises, we will seek to heal, and re-solve it via education, dialog and professional process tools. It is an organizational development problem. We are in the organizational development business, and we’re experts at it. We stand with organizations like:

Ben & Jerry’s



Organizations are living creatures which are born, mature, become old and then die. Like tribes, nations and civilizations, people invent them. People and all our creations are like art, not perfect, but evolving. At times, a stand must be taken to declare certain actions as unacceptable and inexcusable. We all make mistakes, many a day. Some mistakes are harmless, some are not. Intervention is required to protect the innocent from the inexcusable actions of people making grievous errors which must stop or be stopped.

Be Cause Business Resources is active in professional organizations. From membership, leadership, and speaking engagements, we believe in sharing the message of business optimization and Smart Exit™ and are committed to giving back to our communities whenever and wherever possible. Explore our associations in the links below and contact us if you need additional information about any of our connections.

Automatic Association of Transmission Rebuilders (ATRA)

The Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) is the premier source for transmission repair information and transmission problem solving. They are the world’s largest trade organization of transmission rebuilders, transmission specialists and transmission part suppliers. Their mission is to provide you with the resources you need to keep your transmission running, or get it fixed quickly.

John Anderson has worked with ATRA extensively over the years, most recently writing a six-series article on Smart Exit™ for the trade magazine and facilitating a workshop at their annual trade show in Las Vegas, NV.

Institute of Management Consultants

IMC USA is the certifying body and professional association for management consultants and firms in the USA. The IMC USA mission is to promote excellence and ethics in management consulting through certification, education, and professional resources. John Anderson is the current president of the NW region including Washington and Oregon.

Washington State MAP Alliance and IMC Discussion – 2020

Audio file links to Alliance and After-Alliance IMC Discussions

Talent Management: Hiring & Retaining Awesome People” Gabrielle (Gabi) Stonecypher, chief geek at Gorge HR and IMC Discussion facilitator Diane Gibson, DMG Consultancy, January 15 – Vancouver.

“Bridging the Generational Gap” Lisa Keohokalole Schauer, leads a team of facilitators, storytellers and strategic communicators at PointNorth Consulting. IMC Discussion facilitator Jim Park, principal at Advanced Performance Associates, February 19 – Vancouver

Learn more about IMC here.

International Door Association NW Region

The International Door Association plays an important role in the process of quality creation and control by providing helpful programs and services to those who sell, install, and service the superb products produced by our industry’s exhaustive list of manufacturers. The Vision of the International Door Association is to ultimately attain a level of product and installation quality unmatched by any other industry. You can find the International Door Association here. John Anderson spoke for the NW region of the IDA about Smart Exit strategies for their business owner members.

Toastmasters International

Toastmasters International is a professional organization dedicated to developing leaders through training in public speaking. John Anderson has been active in the organization and has held a variety of roles and leadership positions. He achieved Distinguished Toastmaster and currently participates in the Longview Early Words group. If you would like to learn more about Early Words or Toastmasters in general, contact John at 360-200-5840.