By John E. Anderson, MS Management


Vacations… ah vacations!

And “GUILT-FREE” Vacations. ooh…. that’s what I want/need/crave….

Let’s pack a bag, and get away.


I almost don’t care where and for how long, just soon or NOW!


The “getaway” begins with a change of mind, a change of mood.


Time, what is time? Does it matter that Memorial Day is coming. It will mean two three-day weekends coming up now and July 4th weekend. Maybe we could do a couple days this weekend and a longer break in July? Wouldn’t that be sweet?


Break the routine. Put the phone on mute or turn it off for a few hours, maybe a day or two. Stop the data avalanche! You can check your messages, here and there. It’s always your choice!


Post notes on your email and text message: “driving, will respond to emails at 4:30 p.m. daily or Tuesday afternoon. Or just forward email, texts and calls to an assistant.


They can tell your important audience “He’s out of town… traveling… overseas…. Let’s see, where should I be? Northern Canada, Europe, Asia or New Zealand, or on a ship somewhere…. Okay, maybe Eastern Oregon, the mountains, the beach or ummm, the San Juan Islands?


Get your story down. Where shall you “be?” You can “BE” creative. Assign responsibilities to someone who is good, whom you trust and can rely upon to “handle things.” It’s time for a break, some “R & R.”


Now that you’ve decided this could “be” fun and convince yourself you will do it, then decide when and for how long (do you dare?) Oh by the way, what MUST you complete before departing?


List time! Brain-storm alone. Share your list with colleague(s)/loved one(s) to get the urgent and important tasks identified. Prioritize. That can sometimes be a challenge…. You might have multiple lists: important, urgent, and sequential steps.


Isn’t word processing wonderful? What did we do before computers. Oh, well, when all else fails, use a pencil and paper! Just get the list made. Share with someone(s) you trust to review and correct.


There that wasn’t so hard, was it? Now delegate, communicate, request, demand, promise and negotiate. Whatever!


You’ve got the time blocked out. You’re free to go. Now where will you go. Quick call your travel agent buddy, go online or jump in the car and drive, drive, drive. Anywhere, but get out of town.


Our life-partners remind us how important it is to take time… “smell the roses” and “love what is.” You’ve earned it, and now it’s time for a Guilt Free Vacation.