By John E. Anderson, MS Management

Everyone Has a Social Media Strategy. What is yours?

Oh, you have one, just like we all have a career strategy. We have strategies for everything. Our strategy for most topics is to ignore them. For hundreds or thousands of subjects, we know little or nothing, therefore we exert little or no effort towards them. They may or may not affect our lives, yet we choose to ignore them.

If you are reading this, I must assume you are in business, probably an owner or a leader of a business or organization. Your career and your venture are affected by social media, and its importance has grown exponentially since the corona virus pandemic.

How are you known? What are you known for being and doing? What is your professional and personal reputation? These things influence your business and career success. It used to be who you knew, your family, schools attended, diplomas and your appearance that shaped who you were known to be. Those things are still important. But increasingly, what is more crucial than ever before are your ideas and what you do with them. How do you express yourself and what are the results you create? 

All this leads up to the importance of social media. Understanding and being informed about the changing nature of social media has increased in value. Join the ongoing conversation, participate. COVID-19, science, technology, economics have forced their way into public discourse. Social media is the new town square. What is your social media strategy? Everybody has one, what is yours?

Curious about this image? Check out “public domain social media images.” The one above is from Mohamed Mahmoud Hassan. He has released this “Social Media” image under Public Domain license.

What to know more? Search Google for “social media images” then select “business” from the oval bubble links below “Images for social media.” One that attracted my attention was a case study linked to an interesting image. It is one of the hundreds of images linked to articles in that search result. Rebekah Radice offers “How to Improve Social Media Engagement for Small Business [Case Study].” I’ve reached out to connect with Rebekah on LinkedIn. That is one of the ways that I engage.

Don’t miss next week’s “Digital Marketing: Social Media Strategy” free talk by Kate Holland at Washington State University’s MAP Alliance. After Kate’s talk, join me and colleagues to discuss her insights and ways to apply them to enhance your business and career. You’ve got to register for the Wednesday, July 15, 2020 events going from 9 to 10:30 a.m. PDT. Read my “Social Media Strategy” LinkedIn article or visit my site and select “Communities” to get the registration links.

Let us engage! What are your experiences with social media? Have you guessed my strategy? Tell me about yours? Comment here or contact me at: