Smart Exit Strategic Planning

* Increase the value of your business
* Provide advanced training to your staff to improve customer satisfaction
* Improve management effectiveness and your firm’s efficiency.
* Focus your efforts and time on your organization’s improvement
The Be Cause Team educates, trains and guides business owners
Produce and implement your Smart Exit Strategic Plan
Watch course video, participate in discussions, build your strategic plan.
Video Play Lists

Watch the Introduction video. When participants are directed to do the question and answer project, click on the links below and take them yourself: Readiness Quiz and “Where Are You Going?”

Smart Exit – 1.1: Readiness Quiz

(Your choice, both the Thursday and Saturday sessions are available below.)
Session #1 Introduction Video (First of two Introductions conducted on Thursday, October 15, 2015.)

Session – 1.1: Smart Exit Readiness Quiz

Introduction 1.2-Introduction Video Playlist

Video #2 – Risk & Estate Planning Video Playlist Build Your Plan #2: Assessing The Current Environment
Video #3 – Employees and Operations Build Your Plan #3: Employees and Operations
Video #4: Financials & Steering Build Your Plan #4: Financials & Steering
Video #5: Innovation & Valuation Build Your Plan #5: Innovation & Valuation
Smart Exit Course Evaluation