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By John E. Anderson

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This is a dynamic digital companion to the book Smart Exit™ Steer Your Business To Success.

In Smart Exit we encourage readers to: “Become your firm’s venture capitalist. Map your succession. Decide your date, dollar, and method. Then, execute that plan!”

In the book’s Introduction, on page 5 there is a “Introduction – Footnotes” section referring to the Internet links and online resources which can be referenced. There are footnotes throughout “Smart Exit™” referring to this site.



A talk entitled – “Smart Succession” was offered at the Washington State University Carson School of Business Alliance on Wednesday, May 18, 2016. A video of the talk will be available soon with information and a link posted here, when editing is complete. For further information call 800-249-1622.



Beyond the books and authors mentioned, there are exercises referred to which originate in the course – “Smart Exit™ Strategic Plan.” A link to that coursework will soon be available and listed below. Inquiries about the coursework and exercises should be directed to or call 800-249-1622 for current information and exercise availability.


Chapter 6 – Analysis Precedes Innovation – Seeing Opportunity page 58

Build your Guidance System to lead you to your destination. Go online to answer and save your Business Navigation work.


The following is a gentle slope approach to your “Guidance System” development with questions to explore and test your ideas. Use this form to capture your ideas as you work to navigate your firm’s development. Business System Development Worksheet


Business Navigation – Systems


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Risk quadrant illustration – new customers, new products with developer attribution showing the highest risk is new customers and new products/services and lowest risk is one or the other.