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Plan Your Strategic
Smart Exit

Learn the top five facts you must know to

Successfully Sell YOUR Business!

  • There are many ways to value a business. Do you know what your business is worth?
  • Is your business at the peak of its value?
  • Does selling to a family member or employee make sense? Who values your business most and why?
  • Are you considering your tax liability in the transfer of your business?
  • What are your risks now and how could you minimize those risks in a business sale?

If you missed last week’s Introduction, we’ll bring you up to speed individually. Over the next four-weeks, we’ll guide you through drafting a plan to increase the value of your business, mentor a successor and transfer ownership so you can make a Smart Exit!

Smart Exit Course – Fall 2015 Course Overview

Session 2: Risk and Estate Planning

  • Identify the major risks you face now and in the future.
  • Incorporate risk factors into your strategic plan.
  • Learn about estate planning and how important it is to your exit plan.
  • Advance your Smart Exit plan with attention to risk and estate planning.

Session 3: Employee and Operations

  • Assess your current employee strategy and identify short and long term goals to maximize your human capital.
  • Learn about standardizing operations and identify specific ways you can improve processes.
  • Advance your Smart Exit plan with attention to employees and operations.

Session 4: Financials

  • Learn how to use financials to “steer” your business.
  • Discover the power of cash flow projections to gradually replace your presence in daily operations.
  • Advance your Smart Exit plan with attention to financials and cash flow.

Session 5: Valuation and Your Next Steps

  • Learn how to determine the value of your business.
  • Discover why some businesses lose value through “small business discounts.”
  • Begin the process of valuation for your business.
  • Advance your Smart Exit plan with attention to valuation.
  • Determine your next steps.

Thursdays, October 22 & 27, November 5 & 12

Entire Course – $225 per person or Individual Sessions – $75 per person

10 a.m. to Noon – The Mays Agency, 3414 NE 52nd Street, Suite B107, Vancouver, WA 98661-2399

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