Strategy and Performance

  • Learn to create an effective strategy.
  • Discover tools to monitor performance.
  • Teach staff to “steer” your business.
  • Lower risk with controlled growth.
  • Mentor a manager to run operations.

Optimization and Succession

  • Standardize processes.
  • Encourage continuous improvement.
  • Provide training and skill building.
  • Mentor leaders.
  • Encourage experimentation.

Make Your Smart Exit!

Guilt Free Vacation

  • Take breaks for greater success.
  • Reduce stress, avoid accidents/illness.
  • Model “self care” to staff for culture shift.
  • Make family fun time a priority.
  • Plan a getaway to gain new perspective.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Institute of Management (IMC) Consultant's Speakers' Series

Held the third Tuesday each month, 4 to 6 pm Pacific Time, Networking at 3:30 pm. Relevant and timely topics presented by exceptional speakers! REGISTER TODAY: IMC Speakers’ Series (Virtual)

Optimization • Succession • Exit

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Community Partners

Toastmasters International is a worldwide organization on a mission to help people become better public speakers. John Anderson is a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), a high achievement typically taking a number of years to reach. John is past Public Relations Director for Oregon and SW Washington. He is a past president and current member of Early Words in Longview, WA.

The Institute of Management Consultants is a worldwide organization of management consultants. Learn more about John Anderson and his role as past president of Oregon/Washington Chapter.

John Anderson has taught Management Operations 340, a core curriculum course for graduating seniors. Management Operations is required for a bachelor’s in science and business. John has been a mentor at the Carson College of Business – Business Growth Mentor and Analysis Program. He worked with seniors doing pro-bono consulting projects with community businesses and non-profits.

Latest Articles

Write a Book, Give a Speech

By John E. Anderson, MS Management There’s something magical about publishing a book, then giving speeches. Presto, you are recognized for your thought leadership and you are now seen as an expert. Consulting industry leader Henry DeVries says a consultant’s number...

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Changing Nature of Retail

Changing Nature of Retail

Retail continues a seismic change as the impact on retailers shifts due to evolving technology. In mid-January, Walmart and Macy's announced plans to close hundreds of stores and layoff thousands of workers. Walmart is closing 259 retail stores worldwide, 154 in the...

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