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John E AndersonJohn E. Anderson is a professional member of the Institute and active in the Oregon & SW Washington chapter. John was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by the IMC USA National Chair Drumm McNaughton, Ph.D., CMD for leading the chapter in a 50% membership increase. Oregon & SW Washington is a leader in the IMC nationally.

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Oregon & Southwestern Washington –

Our chapter offers continuing professional training with professional membership. Listed below are a sampling of our speakers in video and audio formats.

Video Library includes recordings by:

Frank Wagner – Good Enough and other great strategies – 54:00
Victoria Trabosh – Chapter Conference-Business of Consulting – 48:30

Audio Library recordings include:

  • Roger Anunson – Consultant’s Brain
  • Victoria Trabosh – Chapter Conference-Business of Consulting – 48:30
  • Frank Wagner – Good Enough and other great strategies – 54:00
  • FRANK WAGNER SHORT CLIPS – four 1 – 3 minute excerpts from 54-minute talk.

  1. Focus On Strengths – Why might focusing on a key strength lead to a bigger payoff than working on one of your weaknesses? Listen to a real life example of an excellent top executive who chose to do just that by picking his strongest skill as a leader, as evaluated by direct reports, peers, and the CEO.
  2. Good Enough Plans – Learn about the very useful mindset of “good enough,” as it relates to planning and execution in a world moving at ever increasing velocity. This mind shift in thinking may be very valuable to any leader who wants to keep pace with today’s rate of change.
  3. Tap the Collective IQ – Where lies the wisdom we need to tap in order to stay ahead in whatever venture we undertake? Often the wisdom we need to tap is not found in the usual sources we consider worthy of our attention. This short video poses the question of who, and how, we might tap the intelligence that is available to us.
  4. Strategy and Implementation – It is rather unsettling to consider how many strategies fail to achieve successful implementation. Listen to the sobering statistics around the failure/success ratio of good companies with smart people whose job is strategy implementation.

Expertise and Ethics – Our members specialize in many management consulting areas including accounting, finance, human resources, logistics, manufacturing, marketing, purchasing, research, and technology. Our expertise extends across all industries, domestic and international. In addition to knowledge and experience, IMC USA members are committed to professional practice. Each member pledges to uphold a strict Code of Ethics enforced by the Institute.

Our experts assist organizations worldwide. Learn more about our national and international consulting networks at Institute of Management Consultants and International Council of Management Consulting Institutes.

Why Hire an IMC USA Consultant?

Placing your trust in management advisers requires confidence in their competence and values. Look for consultants committed to the profession. Your project and your organization deserve nothing less. IMC professional members adhere to a rigorous code of ethics and actively develop their skills. Contact John for further Institute information – or 360.200.5840.