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Entrepreneur Curriculum:

Smart Exit Strategic Planning Introduction and Workshop

Develop and write your plan to increase the value of your business, mentor a successor and make your Smart Exit.

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From 9 – 5, Monday-Friday Pacific Time
Other Smart Exit Events periodically offered:

Secrets to Selling Your Business: Smart Exit
Secrets to Selling your Business with legal and financial, real estate and other guest speakers. Questions? Call 800-249-1622.

Listen to experts, ask questions and get answers. The time to prepare for succession and exit is NOW. Build the value of your business as you develop the talent of your team. Identify and mentor a successor and plan your Smart Exit.

Smart Exit Team
Attorneys at Law
David Denecke, Dan Marsh
Jayson Wartnik, Alden Hamlin
Financial Advisors
Jeff Mays, Hans Boehm, Alan Bacharach
Management Consultant
John E. Anderson
Be Cause Project Managers
Esana Anderson
Janice Aday
Patrick Locke
Shanna Woeller
Chamber of Commerce Strategy Talk, Woodland, Washington January 3, 2012 (16:00).
Smart Exit Talk February 18, 2014 at Institute of Management Consultants, Portland, Oregon
Call and ask for the link to Entrepreneur Curriculum Overview – video of talk to Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce, Castle Rock Exhibit Hall, Castle Rock, Washington (21.5 minutes)

Strategic Planning – audio file of short talk at BizNet, Jantzen Beach, Portland, OR

Anytime Webinars – Learn when it works for you!

Strategic Planning: Insight to Action

Business Navigation 101: Tear Off This Blindfold

Right Person, Right Job: Improving Staff Productivity

Above Webinars are available anytime, from any Internet computer as Asynchronous Education in which you progress at your own speed, night or day when it works best for you!
TO REGISTER – Call 800.249.1622 or email

Strategic Planning: Insight To Action

Strategic Planning arms YOU, the business owner, with a sharp-edged awareness of what works and doesn’t to move your enterprise from good to better then great. Gain a keener understanding of where your organization stands today, both internally and externally in the marketplace. FutureSearch is a method to gain from the broad wisdom of your organization developed by Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff.

Learn essential elements which turn wishful thinking into genuine, good strategy. You will distinguish methods developed by Dr. Richard Rumelt in his best selling book “Good from Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters.” Learn about case study transfer successes and failures in organizations. Practice methods guide you towards living, breathing strategy-directed, operational instructions for your team to move beyond your daily involvement.

Lead your staff in SMART goal setting, progress evaluation and plan adjustment as your customers, competitors and the broader economy alter market dynamics. Periodic plan revision is a better strategy than failing to plan, and thereby planning to fail. Map your venture’s functions creating a conduit to your success. Identify the next leader and step away to your next future project.

Business Navigation 101:

Tear off the Blindfold and STEER This Ship!

What is your business situation? Use business and financial analysis to compare where you are now with your past performance and others in your industry.

If you can’t express what you do, you don’t know what you’re doing. Design systems and processes around the four main functions in your organization.

Then Communicate:
Vision, mission, purpose and values – integrate your external marketing message with your internal staff communications so customers experience the promises your ads suggest.

Business Navigation is a four-part seminar series. The first event is an introduction followed by more in-depth work on each of the main course components: finance, systems and marketing. While it is not required, we do encourage participants to take the series in sequence for easier understanding.

Right Person, Right Job:

Improving Staff Productivity

An essential awareness workshop for every business owner, executive and lead manager. Participate to consider:

  • What is your organization’s mix of A and B versus C and D performers?
  • Are you fielding your best team?
  • Are you maximizing yourself?
  • What would be your company’s capacity if all staff were top performers?
  • How many people would you need if all were top performers?

This online course requires Core Values Index assessments performed in advance.
Call to Register – 800.249.1622 or email
Click here to download the Business Navigation 101 Registration Form.

Right Person Right Job Links
CVI Ladder

Optimizing Your Business

Entrepreneur Curriculum: Webinars

Strategic Planning: Insight to Action

Business Navigation 101: Tear off the Blindfold

Right Person, Right Job: Improving Staff Productivity

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Business Navigation 101 – Contact us for the online meeting schedule.

Learn how to prepare your business to sell.

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