Strategy and Performance

Learn to create effective strategy.

Discover tools to monitor performance.

Teach staff to “steer” your business.

Lower risk with controlled growth.

Mentor a manager to run operations.

Guilt Free Vacation

Guilt Free Vacation
Take breaks for greater success.

Reduce stress, avoid accidents/illness.

Model “self care” to staff for culture shift.

Make family fun time a priority.

Plan a getaway to gain new perspective.

Exit Strategy

Clarify what you want and when.

Form an exit strategy within your business plan.

Align business/career/personal goals.

Be smart – plan your exit early.

It’s never too late to plan ahead.

Where to begin? Pick any point and begin, but do it TODAY!

Get the help you need from the Be Cause Business Team.

Be the Cause in your organization … “Be the wind, not a leaf!”


John at Be Cause Business has put a lot of effort into our project and has demonstrated a commitment to its success. He was hired on a project basis and has almost always been the one initiating the communications we’ve had, which is unusual. He has provided many thought provoking suggestions and has been very goal oriented. I appreciate his efforts and will definitely think of him for future projects.

Best Regards,
Rich Clark
Rex Plastics, Inc.

“Ask About Our Lifetime Mold Guarantee!”

Sempert’s Drug, Myrtle Point Oregon – Larry Lenihan is transferring the pharmacy he’s owned for 30+ years to Michelle. Sempert’s leaders have regular meetings with John at Be Cause Business to set up management systems and implement financial measures.

“I’m the pharmacist taking over from Larry… I don’t have a business degree. I don’t know about financials, so John has helped a lot.” Michelle Petersen, purchasing pharmacist.

Sempert’s Drug, Myrtle Point Oregon – “This whole process of working with John has been extremely helpful and I think it’s value added for the store. It makes the store more of a turn key type of purchase.”Larry Lenihan, retiring pharmacist.

Engraving Emporium Inc. president Michelle Falter, Longview Washington – “John helps me get back on track when I’m really busy.” Michelle’s Audio

Image08Weldon & Sons Building and Remodeling, North Bend, Oregon – “John has a way of ‘concretizing’ business concepts which previously had been difficult for me to talk about and understand.” Weldon Laiche, retired contractor.

The Be Cause Team will guide you to increase profit, savings and the value of your business. Become better organized with clear business targets to reach your personal goals. Be smart! Create your strategy now with Easy Exit Planning. Call to discuss your sustainable prosperity.